Tri-State Accordion Club of La Crosse, Wisconsin


Sheet Music and Tunes Page


New Music (2016+) is now on Ron Reimer's Google Docs page:

Google Docs Tunes Page


Many of the tunes we play are from the wonderful Shelia Lee's Accordion Blog.  Please check it out and support Shelia if you can!


Here are the Accordion Club tunes:

(July 2018)

Accordion Club Tunes:
Tom's Arrangements:
Beautiful Dreamer
Reginella Campagnola
Speak Softly Love (Godfather's)

Please let me know if these don't work or you have better versions!  Some of this sheet music was found on the internet, and it is posted for personal, non profit accordion fun.  If you don't want it posted here please let me know:

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